Joan Armatrading Classics 2CD (2003), Ei PK

Joan Armatrading: Love And Affection: Joan Armatrading Classics (1975-1983) 2CD (2003), Uusi Kokoelma vuosilta 1975 - 1983 yhteensä 43 kappaletta. An important British singer/songwriter with a unique, lilting voice and a career that took her from '70s folk-pop to '80s rock and new wave. This is the way a Joan Armatrading best-of collection should be assembled in the first place. The numerous single-disc compilations never came close to being representative of her achievement as a recording artist. Culling 43 tracks over eight years and 11 albums is even better in many ways than issuing an Armatrading box set. All of the expected material from the early years is included on disc one. It covers Armatrading's prolific period from 1975-1979, where a lot of old hippies, now upwardly mobile professionals seeking mellow escapes from their relentless and often ruthless pursuit of "the good life," got off the bus and remained stuck, listening only to her early records along with those of the Jacksons, Eagles, and James Taylor. These songs tell stories so intimate and so encompassing it's no wonder most that people don't get them; they can't even imagine what addressing that fear would be like, let alone have somebody do it in wondrous pop songs you can hum to. Necessary, explosive, and brilliant, listen and behold the songs of a sage whose wisdom is from the school of hard knocks and transcendent courage, and whose musical sophistication is second to none. This is the only Joan Armatrading collection worth owning. Genre: singer/songwriter, pop rock, pop, soft rock Show Some Emotion: Biisilista: Levy-yhtiö: A&M Records 2CD on UUSI. Nopeat ja luotettavat toimitukset ! ILMAINEN TOIMITUS !

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